Going nuts over brownies…

With so many delicious brownie flavours to choose from, customers often ask me which flavour I’d recommend.  I don’t have to think about it for very long as I simply LOVE nuts!  I have three nutty brownie flavours on the Say It With Brownies menu – Peanut Butter Brownies like those featured below, Walnut Brownies and Fruit & Nut Brownies.  None of these are my most popular sellers, but for me they are simply the best!

Peanut Butter Brownies ready for the oven

The Peanut Butter Brownies have both crunchy peanut butter inside the brownie mixture and a topping of peanut butter swirled into a pattern across the top.  They are very rich in texture and a definite ‘must try’ if you love your peanut butter.  Like an extra indulgent Snickers bar.

Walnut brownies pretty much do what they say on the tin.  Each brownie is packed with small pieces of chopped walnut.  This is a more traditional style brownie and perfect for somebody who doesn’t have such a sweet tooth.  I sell lots of these at Christmas and Mother’s Day and some customers put in requests to be notified when I have spares.  If you love them, you really love them.

Probably my favourite of them all though is Fruit & Nut Brownies.  These brownies contain chopped blanched hazelnuts, juicy sultanas and a good handful of creamy Belgian milk chocolate chips.  They have both rich gooey softness and a bit of bite from the goodies that I’ve added – totally delicious.  And maybe we could even argue that each brownie provides one of your five a day?  Maybe not.

Fruit & Nut Brownies

Thursday 29th June 2017