Triple Chocolate Brownies are August ‘Flavour of the Month’

Every month we have a special flavour on the Say It With Brownies menu.  For August, I’ve brought back an old favourite… Triple Chocolate Brownies… and they are certainly proving popular with many orders pinging their way into me!

Triple Chocolate Brownies 6

The gooey dark chocolate brownies have the addition of both milk and white chocolate chips added to the mixer before the batter is poured into the baking tray.   Before baking, I then sprinkle a good handful of white chocolate chips on top, followed by a couple of chopped up Twirl bars.

Triple Chocolate Brownies 1

These Triple Chocolate Brownies really are super yummy and not to be missed…

Triple Chocolate Brownies 3

You can order them by clicking here – they will remain on the Say It With Brownies menu until the end of August.  I already have a plan for the September flavour!

Thursday 10th August 2017