A perfect gift…


Once they are cool, your twelve chocolate brownies are carefully wrapped in greaseproof paper and tissue paper to keep them in perfect condition.

Then they are neatly packaged in a sturdy cardboard gift box.

A small folded card is placed with the brownies to describe the flavour that you have chosen.

To finish off the gift, we place a sticker appropriate to the occasion on the box and tie a brightly coloured ribbon around it.

If you’d like to change the ribbon colour and choose your own colour, please get in touch.

Your personal message is written by hand onto a gift tag which is gently fastened under the ribbon.

Finally we wrap the package in brown paper, ready to be posted on the date that you selected when you placed your online order.



Keep your brownies in an airtight container and they will stay delicious for up to seven days after you have received them.  Ideally keep the brownies wrapped in the greaseproof paper that they arrived in, this helps to keep the brownies moist and squidgy and prevents them from drying out.

The Best Before date is shown on the bottom of the brownie gift box.

Most people think that the brownies get more delicious after a few days as they become even more gooey!