New Year and avoiding my tax return…

It’s blowing (another) storm outside so the perfect kind of day to update my brownies blog.  It’s that or my tax return… and ANYTHING is better than working on my tax return!

I’ve now put Christmas behind me, it was definitely the best one yet.  Lots of corporate orders for brownie gift boxes as well as gifts for friends and relatives.  It kept me extremely busy for three weeks which was fantastic, and then I was lucky enough to visit Krakow in Poland for a few days between Christmas and New Year which was the perfect way to wind down.

One notable thing to mention about Christmas just gone is that Royal Mail have made staggering improvements to their service.  In December 2016 they lost no fewer than eleven of my parcels which was less than ideal for both my customers and myself, but December 2017 (as far as I know) every single box arrived.  Perhaps this was partly thanks to my new letter box friendly gift pack which certainly would have helped, but all the same I think Royal Mail deserve a mention.

Looking forward to 2018, we start the New Year with a brand new ‘Flavour of the Month’ – handmade chocolate brownies topped with milk chocolate covered chewy caramel.  I made a batch of these brownies as a special order for a customer in the autumn of last year.  They came out really well, so I thought they’d be a fun flavour to start the new year with.  So far it’s been a really busy week.  I thought January would be quiet but no, we’re firing on all cylinders!

I’ve had my first enquiry for a brownie wedding cake stack for April, the couple have ordered a box to try with two different flavours, fingers crossed that will turn into an order.  Brownies make a yummy alternative to a traditional wedding cake, and cost effective too.  Get in touch if you’d like any information.

Once the paperwork is out of the way I’ll be planning for Valentine’s Day.  I already know what my special romantic brownie flavour is going to be, I think I may need to eat my way through a trial batch though, just to make sure they are perfect!  It comes around really quickly.  In little over a month I’ll be working flat out on Valentine’s Day gifts.

Other than that I’m focusing on increasing the social media presence for Say It With Brownies, particularly on Instagram.  Join me there for daily photos of the goings on in the brownie kitchen (as well as a few photos of my handsome horses and sometimes what I’m having for dinner – groan!)

So I suppose I’d better finish getting today’s brownie gift boxes ready for the post and then maybe stop distracting myself and fire up the dreaded spreadsheet!

As always, please get in touch if there is anything I can help with…

Thursday 4th January 2018